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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is High Tech Talking Barbie An NSA Spy?

Is High Tech Talking Barbie An NSA Spy? Is the new Barbie that 'talks' and 'listens' to your conversations an NSA spy? Consider that this new High Tech Barbie is actually Internet aided and the microphone sends conversations to a server - and then uses the stored back and forth talk to make new responses. Suppose it can pick up background conversation and has a GPS built in? Then someone could listen in on family talk if Barbie is at the table and locate the source of the conversation. So if the family happens to harbor a terrorist then Barbie becomes a good NSA spy. But what if it's a misunderstood talk? Then Barbie becomes a bad NSA spy. Look, Mattel, who makes Barbie, is not going to come out and say that the data is not shared with the NSA. If it's given to a third party, Mattel has its cover. Mattel would have to have a disclaimer that it's data is not shared or sold. Personally I think that is not enough. That kind of device should be outlawed. Stay tuned.



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