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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Raiders Have Design Concept For Oakland NFL Stadium, City Has Seen It

Raiders Have Design Concept For Oakland NFL Stadium, City Has Seen It The Oakland Raiders have a completed set of architectural design concept drawings for a brand new stadium at The Oakland Coliseum Complex site. I am told a good number of Oakland City Officials have seen them, and while I can't say specifically who has to this point, I can say its planned to be 55,000 seats in capacity (not new news here) and 6,000 of those are club seats. If you're wondering about cars, there will be parking for 7,800 of them, and since the current facility handles 8,000 automobiles, then the Raiders plans fit right into what can be done now, today, in Oakland, at the Coliseum. And regarding the chance that a Super Bowl would be at this new Oakland Raiders stadium, I am told the assertion is that stadiums are getting smaller and more focused on the delivery of amenities – ticket attendance will be less of a focus in the future. Thus, the NFL would reduce its minimum Super Bowl seat requirement to around 60,000 to 65,000 seats in the case of the Raiders. That possibility was confirmed in a conversation I had with NFL SVP for Business Affairs Eric Grubman just before Super Bowl 50 this year. Landing a Super Bowl is paramount if the Oakland Raiders expect to realize a naming rights agreement that rivals the $224 million Levi Stadium Deal the San Francisco 49ers struck for their new stadium. All that remains is for the much-referred-to-by-Raiders-fans land deal to be done, but Oakland Officials are still waiting for the appraisal of the current Coliseum Complex to be complete – it's not done yet. Once the value of the land is determined, then Ronnie Lott and his Oakland City Pro Football Group LLC can negotate a deal with the Oakland Raiders in whatever fashion the parties see fit, although the constant news I'm told from officials is that Lott's group will purchase 20 percent of the Oakland Raiders for a price about equal to 20 percent of the team's current estimated value of $1.45 billion, or $290 million. Raiders Focused On Oakland, No Mistake About It This latest news tells us the following: first, the Oakland Raiders are clearly focused on building a new, state-of-the-art stadium in Oakland. It's an acknowledgement of the fact that the NFL wants the Raiders to remain in one of its top three media markets (New York and Los Angeles are the other two) and also that it wants to be part of the incredible growth spurt Oakland is going through and shows little sign of abating at this point, either in population or income growth rates. Second, and as per the request of Larry McNeil, the Raiders Vice President of Business Affairs, no one involved in this effort to build a stadium in Oakland, from Lott to Oakland Officials, has shown any effort to talk to the media on the record. The end result for many Raiders fans, regardless of location, is the impression that 'nothing is happening.' Nothing could be further from the truth. Third, Las Vegas is more of a flirtation than anything else. No one in the NFL, and not even Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, has any real desire to see the Raiders leave Oakland for a far weaker Las Vegas media market. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks for the NFL Owners, and not himself, when he says “The League wants to see a long term stadium solution in Oakland.” Any words you hear to the contrary should not be believed. You've been warned. Stay tuned.



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