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Monday, February 16, 2015

Twitter Isn't Worthless But Your Tweet May Be

Twitter Isn't Worthless But Your Tweet May Be Atlantic.com's Derek Thompson wrote an entire article that he needs to rethink. Basically Derek Thompson's ego is shattered because only just over 1 percent of those engaged clicked to read his article. Poor fellow. The tweet says all anyone needs to know, so there is little need to get more information about something that is not breaking news. But that doesn't stop him from blasting Twiter, huh? Talk about hubris! The fact, as he presents it, is that his tweet stated an absolute that "Almost every major patent concept from the 1930s was in chemistry. Today, all software" - okay. Now, that tweet received thousands of favs and almost that many retweets, which would make anyone happy. Except Derek. He is fixated on the stat that just one percent actually clicked over to read his post. Wow. Where is it written that he's supposed to get more than that? Considering the volume of impressions he got, that over 1,000 readers is really good. Twitter's not the problem here - it's the tweet and the baseless expectations behind it.



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